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Sita Enterprise Management System(EMS)

Sita EMS is an open source monitoring system which checks the availability of your network resources, notifies users of outages and generates performance data for reporting.

Scalable and extensible, Sita EMS can monitor large, complex environments across multiple locations.


The monitoring of servers and services is handled by plugin, which can be installed locally on the Sita EMS server or the monitored host.

Sita EMS can be used to monitor the availability of hosts and services. Hosts and services can be virtually anything which can be checked in some way:

  • Network services (HTTP, SMTP, SNMP, SSH, etc.)
  • Printers
  • Switches or routers
  • Temperature sensors
  • Other local or network-accessible services





Sita EMS can generate many types of reports which includes Activity Report, Availability Report, Downtime Report, Notification Report, Overview Report and Hosts Report. These reports can all be sent automatically via email.





In case of problems within your monitored infrastructure, Sita EMS is able to notify you through many different channels about the problem. Possible channels are for example SMS, Mail, Phone or custom solutions. To ensure you are not flooded by notifications, Sita EMS provides a very flexible and detailed notification configuration.