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We are an established Open source group of companies

  • 30 years proven experience in providing IT and IP services to MNC and major Corporations as well as small and medium size companies in Malaysia and the region.
  • We are truly open source group of companies in providing services as well as software development based on open source technologies.
  • We understand Open Source technologies and its communities. We focus on Open Source professional services.
  • We migrate users from proprietary platform to open source platform.
  • Incorporated in Malaysia since 1993 and with its passion, inspiration and extensive experiences in the industry with Asterisk, open sources and communication industry, it enables Sita Network Consultancy Services Sdn Bhd to be the leading integrated business solutions providers, offering complete business solutions from Communication, Managed cloud applications and Business automation.
  • Our goal is to assist our customer with the latest cost effective technologies, enabling them to retain focus on their operation.
  • We are committed to integrating with technologies for tomorrow to cater for our customers’ business needs and enable them to focus on their business.

Company History


  • Structure cabling SI and internet.

  • Pioneering in outsourcing services.
  • Provided outsourcing services to end users like SCB, CIMB and partnership with IBM, HP, NCR for their clients.
  • Pioneered in IBMS tenancy billing system.

  • Transition to open source technology e.g., VLC, Asterisk IP Telephony.

  • Fully committed to Asterisk IP Telephony in terms of promoting awareness, supply services and development.
  • Built solution such as FAX, SMS, call center and CRM with smaRtPBX.

  • Fully focused on open source with 5 open source platforms: voice, office IT, IP/IT management and remote tracking, Meeting and Training Collaboration, Security with SIEM and XDR, EMS and virtualization.
  • Launching  Sita Point of Sales (PoS) with the support of our established 5 enterprise platforms.