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100% browser based Audio and Video Conference for Business Customers

Sita Meeting offer a browser based meeting environment with end-to-end encrypted audio and video conferencing, business meeting, class, slide-show presentation, document sharing, text chat, and other useful features to take your online communication to the next level.

Web based conferencing will contribute directly to your financial cost and time savings. For saving travel costs, web conferences are more cost effective than onsite meetings and provide advanced interaction compared to traditional conferences.

Schedule a meeting with just a few clicks and send meeting to invitations directly from the application itself. All meeting participants need to do to join the scheduled meeting is click on the unique meeting link attached to the invitation. Dial-in from any fixed phone allows further participants to join the audio stream of the conference.


 Comprehensive Feature Set...

Comprehensive Feature Set

  • Easy meeting scheduling with calendar invitations
  • End-to-end encrypted audio and videoconferencing in HD quality
  • Whiteboard and document sharing
  • Shared meeting minutes and private notes
  • Screen sharing and live presentations
  • Automatically compiled and distributed meeting summaries
  • Unique access link for each meeting
  • User friendly web application ready to go
  • Conference recording and playback function
  • Scalable cloud solution without software installation for end users
  • 100% WebRTC and HTML 5
  • Combined video and audio participants 


 Use Cases...

Use Cases

  • Consulting, interviews and presentations
  • Training and distance learning
  • Team meetings and project management follow-up
  • Extension of existing solutions by integration of web collaboration and communication


 Meeting Room...

Meeting Room

For up to 5 video and 10 audio participants

“an Meeting” is the right size for team collaboration, business meetings, tutoring, consulting, and many other uses cases. With room for five video participants or ten audio participants, it provides a wide array of features from interactive white board to screen sharing, live chat, document sharing, presentations, and more. Audio and video is delivered Peer to Peer between end user devices, and supporting documents are sent to the server to generate a convenient summary that is emailed to participants after the meeting. This standard solution is ideal for everyday business videoconferencing.




For up to 10 video and 20 audio participants

Larger groups can meet using the “an Boardroom” feature that hosts up to 10 participants with audio and video so that everyone can be seen and heard. Distributed teams can use this size of virtual meeting room to collaborate on complex projects where the conversation needs to include everyone. The boardroom is also ideal for formal meetings such as annual or quarterly reviews and planning sessions. Meetings can be recorded to meet documentation requirements and for later analysis. Integration with traditional telephony allows users without internet access to call in using a land line and to join the conversation.




For up to 50 video participants in classroom broadcast mode

The one-to-many configuration of “an Classroom” allows one or more

presenters to share information with up to 50 audience members. This configuration is designed for educational webinars, training events, and other large-scale presentations. A full set with white board, screen sharing, and document upload features are included. The level of interactivity with audience members is determined by the administrator. Non-presenting participants will have the ability to request permission to share their own video feed. Audience members may also ask questions via chat. A summary can be automatically distributed to audience members after the event for training reinforcement.

Browser compatibility and enhanced feature overview are listed in the product sheet in the download area.